Help: What is the maximum machine Z height? SM Original and 2.0?

Hi all,

I’ve developed a new Fusion 360 CNC post-processor for Snapmaker A350 and since then, I’m trying to make it as compatible as possible with all Snapmakers.

Right now I need some information that I can’t seem to get online…

When you home your Snapmaker, or when you move the Z-axis all the way up, what is the Z Machine Coordinate reported by Luban or by the touch screen?
Please leave you machine/model and the reported Z max value.


SM Original, no extension. I don’t see anything on the controller that gives me a Z position, only the max build volume. If there’s a particular command you want me to run via the console, I can try to get a USB cable plugged into it. I think there’s a PC close enough.

Either on Snapmaker Luban or on the printer controller on the menu where we can set the origin or move the tool head there are some coordinates named “Machine coordinates”.

I would like to know the value of the Z when the tool head is moved all the way as possible to the top.

Below some images showing those coordinates:

@ dreasi0n,
that should not be a problem !!!

Here the data after I drove the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T in “Home” position.

1st picture TouchScreen recording.

2nd picture Luban 4.2.2 recording.

even if I drive the Z-axis now a little bit down and again completely up this value of the Z-axis is indicated with me.

I hope that helps, otherwise just contact me!

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@ dreasi0n,
by the way , many many thanks for your work you put in the project “Now available: New postprocessor, tool library, machine config…”!!! I use Fusion 360 and have downloaded your data, just haven’t gotten around to inserting and testing it yet.
But I take my hat off to you for what I’ve read, what else you’ve pulled out in parameters !!!

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