Cnc problems with z axis

So we received our Snapmaker Original a couple weeks ago and have had a lot of success with the 3d printer and the laser. However, nothing but problems with the CNC module. The first we received broke at our first attempt, the motor went out and didn’t spin anymore. We received the replacement last week. We’ve tried lots of small things with it (images, text, shapes) and can’t get anything to work correctly. I’m not sure if it’s something we’re doing incorrectly in the program or with the unit. Every time we start a project with the cnc it starts fine for the first cut. However, every subsequent layer, the machine moves up on the z axis instead of down so nothing is getting carved and the but is just going through the air above the wood. I’ve tried looking at the video tutorials but can’t see where we’re going wrong. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated!

CNC is a lot harder than printing and laser!
Sounds like you have the origin of the model set at the bed level and when setting up the job you have the origin at the top of the stock or wood you are going to machine. You need to make sure they are the same. Easiest is to have the origin at the top on both.
This thread goes though the same issue.

I had this exact issue. Do you have the enclosure with the door sensor?
If so, please disconnect the sensor from the logic board.

In the meantime I recognized what was wrong with my example.

It was not the origin, but a misunderstanding of the parameters for depth and Z-steps in Fusion 360.

In LUBAN you choose the intented total depth and then you decide , how many steps you want to run to realize.

In the corresponding dialogue in Fusion you define the max. height for a single step and then number of steps, Fusion then

Calculates max. Z-depth devided by number of steps.

Anyhow, it is still confusing ,why it goes in + Z direction then.

9513B158470640A2AB98BB632243172C.pngsteps in – Z direction AC163CC2C8964BF996AB85A7638E8280.pngsteps in + Z direction

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Moi aussi j’ai un problème avec le CNC je set l’origine et quand je fait le Run Bundary il s’en va complètement a droite et en arrière et quand je fais start il remonte complètement en haut et se met à tourner