Help - The Extruder is continuously pulled up and printing is paused?

I’ve been fighting with this for a few weeks now, and I’m at a loss of how to fix it. I see nothing visibly wrong with the state of the print, usually just a few minutes in. What really makes this baffling to me is the prints look good on the plate, no ripples or peeling from the initial adhesion. I can usually just hit confirm and it runs for a few more minutes. I’ve also tried a few different models that I’ve had success with on the A350T. For record, I’ve had this machine for a couple of months and only gotten two successful unattended prints out of probably 150 attempts. I have had a dozen or so that if I keep restarting after 2-3 of those halts turn out good enough. Seems like after 5% or so of the job it smooths out and can be unattended.

I’ve redone attempts at calibrating the heated bed, the z, and the x-y probably three dozen times now. I’ve snipped the ends and tried re-applying the spools.

The error says something about clogging or pushed up, but I can’t see anything wrong with my eyes.

I’ve tried both the Snapmaker included PLA, and this Overture PLA Professional that I was using happily with my A350T. Bed is 65, nozzle is 200.

Any idea’s?

A video would help.

It seems your extruder is pulled up when extruding filament. If this is the case ther is too much force needed to pull the filament.
You have to ensure that the filament spool is easily to pull, maybe from the top of the enclosure straight above the center?

This error happened to me recently while I was printing a large print.
There could be a few reasons:
1- filament not easily pulled into the print head. Make sure it can run smoothly with little resistance. You can unplug the boweden tube from the print head and physically test the force needed to pull the filament.
2- A printed surface is not level and has wrapped up from one side hitting the build plate when it tries to lie another layer on top of the that in level surface, triggering the error. This happened to me because I chose too little infill then a top layer was layer on top of insufficient infill support. This made that top layer uneven and the print head started hitting it.
3- The build plate is not levelled and the print head hits title, elevating the print head and triggering the error.

There could be other reasons. I suggest you observe the print until the error happens and hopefully you’ll find a solvable reason.

known issue with the dual extruder head. Bad design basically.
Read post and discussion the dual extruder for 2.0 and artisan are the same thing.

By the way, I think it’s useful to print and install “the feeder wedge”. Artisan and older models have a known issue and you might save yourself some time and some failed prints by printing and installing the wedge before issues happen.
Search this forum for “the wedge”.

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Here it is:

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I have the exact same issue, over and over i get extruder is continuously pulled error. Seem the extruder can only take just very light tension on the filament. The moment my spool binds just a little i get the error. Bad design for the feed. The 90deg from the spool into the unit is a poor design choice. I will be mocking something up with a much more direct path.

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I have the same problem with my dual extruder for the Artesian. I tried swapping filaments, a dry box (makes it worse because of the extra length of travel). I found the primary cause and the secondary cause. The secondary cause is any imperfections on the inner part of the filament spool that could cause the spool to get stuck during the rotation of the spool during feeding. The primary cause is a misalignment of the feed at the extruder. When feeding the filament into the left extruder It jams on the top of the feed gears due to defective extruder. The extruder on the right you will notice goes nicely into the feed gears with no issue. The misalignment of the left extruder creates allot of grinding of the feed gears on the filament. This causes a build up of filament debris in the teeth of the feeder gears and eventually lose the ability to grip properly onto the filament.

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Printing and using the little wedges described in this thread has fixed this issue for me. Got an email over night that I am on the list when the permanent repair kit is ready. Do yourself a favor and print those wedges.

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I’m waiting for some 608 ball bearings to show up and see if these spool rollers improve my situation. I’m feeling more like the issue is as some have stated in my thread about the tension on the spools - primarily because of how inconsistent the issue appears to be. Some prints error constantly, some start with errors and then go hours till the end without an issue, and some don’t error till the very end of the print.

If the rollers don’t fix it, I’ll move on to the wedges / blocks as suggested. That said, if SnapMaker is aware of a parts kit or whatever then I would rather get on that list and do a proper fix. How do I get on the repair list?

Hi WareWolf, Yes, snapmaker is aware. You are describing the same situation I had. I could get half way through a print and then I would fail. Other times I would start with a failure. Sometimes in the middle. Extremely inconsistent.
check out my thread on the subject. It will point you to the svl for the wedges. It will also point you to how to get on the list for the permanent repair.
It only takes a few minutes to print/test the wedges. The definitely can’t hurt while you wait for the bearings.
The tension issue

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Got the rollers for the spools, the wedges, and I’m on the list for the silicon pads or whatever for the official fix.

Thanks so much! I’ll try some prints this weekend to see how things have changed.

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Rollers are on, wedges are in, repair kit should be here shortly… That all said, I still haven’t been able to print anything. No amount of calibration or tearing the system apart to clean has made any improvements.

I did switch to Polymaker PLA Pro and kicked up a new profile to see if it liked this stuff better. I have tried a few different temperatures based on the recommended settings.

I am about to the point where I think I need to just give up on 3D printing with this machine and sell. This machine should be turn key for the price.

You have to share more information if you want help.

Share a picture of your failed print and describe what is done. Maybe share a video…
I am a user like you and no snapmaker staff.