Artisan - Dual 3D - Consistent Left Side Fail - Need Expert Eyes

History - Printed with PLA and ASA with little problem. Did have one heat issue that was my fault. Body mainly printing from right, supports from left.
Trying to print a large storage center for my truck. Length of project pretty much takes the whole Artian bed and angled to make the thing fit. Final will be black ABS.
Currently trying to print test model in PLA to get the fit right. Support from right, body from left. Left side fails every time.
I switched the filament sides as I don’t care what color the test print is. It isn’t a filament problem.
Replaced both hot ends with new from the factory .04/brass nozzle. Cleaned everything I could reach inside. Load filament works fine on both sides. Temp = 210 Settings are default rough/fast (.24 height, 160mm speed)
For next step, not sure if I should slow the print from maybe 160 to 100 or print everything on right and see if it fails when printing body. Right now I suspect something wrong with the left print side but no idea what next investigative step is. Need somebody more skilled than I for guidance.


Could you print a 1 layer thick testsheet with the failing material/extruder and then post a high res picture here?


Sure, I can create a test sheet I’ll get that done today

Just to make sure, you installed the widges?

I think it is really important and should be in the check list of any print failure troubleshooting.

Here is a link:

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Thanks, I didn’t even know that was a thing. After I print the single layer test print, I will be printing these little blocks.

Here are the single layer test sheet “Before Wedges” and “After Wedges” results. (on other forum they are called structural blocks)
Exact same Spool of PLA
Exact Same GCode
Exact same single layer height of .24
Exact same speed of 160
Exact Same Bed Temp of 65

Thanks ftoons. The Structural Blocks (wedges) are the answer.
Thanks Rwide - That single layer test sheet was the right investigative step.

Now it is a matter of finding out when Snapmaker will be sending a repair kit as obviously this is a major design flaw.




I am glad it worked.
Did you use the one provided by snap maker or the one made by a user that was posted on thingiverse (both linked in the post).

Also snapmaker mentioned they’ve got a fix and affected users should email them to get it.
I emailed a few days ago, haven’t got a response yet. Here’s a link to their post:

The one right above the images showing the problem. Says it came from support. Thanks for the resolution link. I just sent an email to support for the silicone pads that are supposed to be permanent fix.

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Using a wedge as a permanent fix is like using tape on a leaky pipe as a permanent fix. Spent too much money to fix with a band aid


Absolutely agree. Support responded that I am on the list for whatever their permanent fix turns out to be but those wedges saved me down time and stopped me wasting money on bad prints.

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