Snapmaker Artisan can’t print anything

I had made a video for you guys but the forum wont let me upload it so i hope you guys will stick around and read all this.

i have had my Artisan for a few weeks now. The setup and calibration went smoothly. My first print was off to a great, smooth start… until about 98% completion…

I started to get errors saying " the extruder is continuously pulled up and printing is paused" so trying to figure that out i joined forums and pages of other enthusiasts and i got tips like " its the cardboard spools" or “its the lack of PTFE tubes” so i got new spools, new Capricorn tubes, etc… Prints are FAILING.

so far i have:

Changed almost all the settings in both CURA and Snapmaker LUBAN and tried several different testing prints for heat and stringing settings

changed spools and tried both dissoluble filament and break away filament to support my PLA prints

i have done calibrations so many times and even adjusted the Z offset manually several times

updated and factory reset my machines firmware

most likely more that i cant remember now due to burnout but feel free to ask.

i have solved the initial pulled up extrude problem but i cant print anything… i have oozing from the hot ends, filament bunching up at the nozzles, filament dragging, tons of issues i would get from your bargain brand printer. All my calibration tests go smoothly, all my prints fail. I really dont know what to do at this point besides get my money back some how. I have had less trouble with my creality printers and i spent all this money thinking this would be a much easier printer than they were,

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I am having much the same experience with mine. I have not gotten anything other than the calibration piece.
I am having SUCH FUN getting an answer back from support. The only reponse I got was for more info, photos etc.
One item to check are the pins in the module for the right print head. Support asked for this and sure enough, The plastic was broken and the pin nearly sideways on the furthest right pin.
I don’t know why the delay (over a week and a half), but figure they may be getting ready to have a recall??

I think the problem is a clogged nozzle caused by retracts. If the filament is too often and too far retracet it got clogged. When its clogged you can watch how the right side nozzle will be lifted again the end stop switch when a retract is done. The retract pulls the nozzle upwards when the filament is clogged in the nozzle.

What are your retract settings? I reduced from 6mm to 1 or 1.5mm and now it works fine.

I haven’t heard of a pin in the module? How do I locate it? A recall would be interesting… it seems there are people who are having a great time of us that aren’t having a time at all with these things…

I had retract at 10, 6, 5 and 2.5mm… it was an even more of a mess at 2.5 for some reason. I’ll test that again though.

Not sure if it will work, but attached is the photo given by support when asking for more info.

The pin is inside the module where you insert and remove the print heads.

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very interesting… i havent seen this in a single forum!

I really don’t know how prevalent it is. I am guessing on the recall, it is just that I haven’t heard back since providing a picture of my own broken pin. Odd that they were so able to identify a potential problem that turned out to be affecting mine as well. We are now pushing two weeks since I sent that picture and I haven’t heard back.

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Well all my pins look ok. I am testing a single nozzle print and so far so good… may have a bad extruder or these new support filaments are a waste of money

So I was told on a another forum to test one nozzle at a time. I printed with the left nozzle first and it printed well but left caverns randomly in my print which is weird… I’m starting to think this machine has a terrible feeding system…

Tried printing with my spool feeding from the top again… same results… now I’m getting popping and clicking. I already blew out my extruders free from plastic shavings, and I turned my heat up to 210 for PLA+…. Supports look ok… where the print is is layer shifted and garbage…

Did you print the wedge?

I also had the problem on my dual extruder that the right pin is broken on right extruder.
Arranged a new pcba with snapmaker. It IS currently in transit.

Edit to add: I am glad they are addressing your issue. You are the only other in this forum, and this is all I have, who is aware of this issue that I can tell.

I still haven’t heard from them…> 2 weeks now. For all I know, my part is on the way, but they are so bad at notification I wouldn’t know it. Also for all I know, they are completely ignoring my problem.
The only thing I am aware of, they are not responding to any request for update I send their way.