Help: How to create code with fusion360 to export to Luban CNC?

Hello everyone,
I searched the forum but I found no answer to my question.

I’m uploading some images of the processing in case you see a glitch.

I’m a rookie. I think my problem is in choosing the “post-processed”

I choose postprocessed match3, I generate a code but then Luban doesn’t recognize anything.

Do I have to do anything different than post-processing?

I really appreciate your help.

Photo links are dead.


Thank you

You need to be using the SM post processor files:

Not sure why you’re trying to use fabrication. Everything should be done under milling.
It appears you’re trying to use a drill and not an appropriate bit.


I found the post-processing tool for fusion360. I choose that processed post and drag the file to the luban program or I open it from the program and it does nothing.

Thank you sdj544 You responded while I was responding.

It needs to be used in Fusion.
It prepares the output from Fusion to be used by the SM.


That’s what I’ve done, the program recognizes you as a marlin snapmaker, okay?

Sorry… I have made a very silly mistake. My fault… Thank you for your help. The program already recognizes the code and executes it.