Height limit a350 pla+?

On my snapmaker 2.0 a350 with the updated print head, I’m having a repeatable and reoccurring error in my print. Three times in a row at the exact same spot the printer will stop extruding but continue to move. The first print was at 100% infill the second print was with a 10% infill; both sliced with Cura

And then again using Lubans built in slicer.


Hey, if it stops extruding you mean that the filament was grinded, right?
This could come from excessive retraction moves.
Did the extruder wheel spin and spin in the right direction?
Share the gcode pls!

Sounds like there might be something wrong with the model, especially since it’s at the same point every time.

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The picture is blurry but i see what appears to be a lot of artifacts on the walls particularly towards the back.

Impossible to say with the information so far presented. Could be a model issue. Could be a model geometry issue exacerbated by a calibration issue.

If it happens in the same spot each time that should make it easy for you to watch it print and then you can see when and why it fails. I’m skeptical it happened as simply as you put it: the printer just stops extruding but keeps moving.

Could always drop the model through the bed in cura (e.g. move to Z -50mm) and start the print a couple of millimetres below the problem layer. It should do the same thing and allow easy observation but without the wasted time and plastic.

Also try loading the model in other software that will tell you if it’s a valid mesh / volume or if its holey/incomplete surfaces somewhere :thinking: Thought my latest cura did that, maybe fusion360 did too, must be others like blender or freeCAD

Bad model. You could try and fix it in Mesh Mixer.

tried to print 2 of them at the same time and 1/2 the height so i figured out it was the time, why? because the roller was getting hot enough to melt though the pla :man_facepalming: think its from the metal hot end i was using for my CFPA12 …opps. will report back with the result

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@Ledtheway sounds like that all metal hotend needs addressing, they aren’t supposed to allow heat creep, It’s best for an all metal heatbreak to be made of titanium but those are hard to find.

i think i know the problem haha, i used a thermal paste on it so it was making GREAT thermal transfer to the assembly, not enough to hurt anything but enough to soften the filament against the teeth and cause a feed issue, switched back and its perfect, nothing to worry about, thought it was odd it was time related so i looked at the inside while it was running and it was just turning in place not pushing the filament anywhere.

@Ledtheway exactly what lead you to use thermal paste?

Not sure why you’d be using thermal paste where it would get onto the gears. (It should only be used on thermistor.)

When you open the door the wheel that pushes the filament against the gears no longer does (since it’s attached to the door). So the filament will never feed with the door open.


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Thermal paste can also be installed between the heat break and heatsink/fan assembly, to help prevent heat creep.

It should not be installed on the side of the heat break that threads into the heat block


It all makes sense now :roll_eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile: