Has anyone used this product?

Has anyone had experience with this product?
Got it off Amazon on sale for about $16.00
Would appreciate your advise on temps and settings.


Not I, but I think you get 2 spools with the machine, PETG & PLA (I did a full 180 from anything truly cheap after trying several other specialty filaments)

Try some tests when you get your machine with the default Luban settings and let us know :+1:


Run a temp tower or at least try various temps, 5º apart.
Some cheap filament will work great. Some you might as well just throw in the trash.
I’d suggest you start out with decent filament first until you figure out what you’re doing. Otherwise you’ll be chasing stuff and trying to make adjustments and failing.
The biggest difference between filaments is consistency both between reels and the reel itself. Better filament will be more consistent in the diameter and the better ones will list what that variation is.


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