Filament settingen

Kan iemand mij van alle ( of enkele ) filamenten zoveel mogelijk settingen geven waar goed resultaat mee behaald wordt ?
Het zijn zoveel settingen waar ik niets van begrijp.
Vast bedankt

Apologies for answering in English. Most filaments give you a suggested temperature range. I like to print a temperature tower anytime I get a new spool, and write on the spool what the results were.

That article includes some pre-sliced temperature towers for the Original and 2.0. I see no reason the 2.0 models wouldn’t work on the Artisan, but I’d be hesitant to use them on the J1 without some validation. It would probably be ok to try if you’re present and monitoring the machine, and prepared to pull the power if something starts acting weird. The article is fairly technical, so feel free to skip sections, and come back later when you’re more comfortable.

If you’re looking for information about specific filaments themselves rather than setting for your filament, the general idea is “don’t be too cheap”. Cheaper filament are rarely worth the extra hassle. And better filaments are usually only $5/kg more than cheap ones, so not it’s really worth the cost savings. I’ve had good luck ordering Hatchbox filaments from Amazon, but there are a lot of recommendations in the forums.