Filament recommendations?

While I’ve been having great results with the SM brand PLA filament that came with my A350, but are there other go-to brands y’all use? I’ve had less than ok results with some i’ve bought on Amazon lately. (SM brand is good but limited in color range). thx!

Matterhackers is the best in my opinion. other people say prusament, which i have not tried yet so i cant vouch for it.

matterhackers is cheaper than alot of tsuff on amazon too but it takes longer to get. at least if you get the matterhacker build seires. the pro series is expensive.

from amazon i think hatchbox is the “better” one.

matterhackers earned my loyalty with awesome customer service, if not a bit on the slow side. theres always a spool somewhere thats gonna need some dehydration out of the bag, but putting that aside, the quality of the filament is prime and the prints come out great.

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Actually the SM filament is not particularly good but not bad either. I recommend the brands geeetech, Extrudr, eryone filament, Polymaker and also e.g. the Tinmorry filament. There are certainly other very good filaments out there, but these are at least very common.

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I have had good results with both Geeetech and Sunlu. You have to play around with the settings a little, but that is the case with all filament. Once I have my profiles up and running for each brand and sometimes color, they have both worked very well.

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