Got an old original with sdcard from a friend and can't callibrate


I just got snapmaker original (sdcard version, I think it’s even beta) from a friend, I tried printing some thinhs and it always fails on one side

I tried to callibrate, and the callibrations just doesn’t get saved, anyone got this problem before)

I can’t find how to upgrade firmware

Thanks in advance! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

What version of the firmware is it running? I think it’s in the Settings > About page.

The SD cards are from the early kickstarter batches, possibly beta. Although I can’t find mention of the update that post is referencing. As far as I can tell, the switch from SD to USB happened very early. I was in the ~3000 range, and it came with USB.

Reading the firmware upgrade thread, firmware 2.1 says “Only products that come with the USB Disk can upgrade the firmware”. It sounds like you cannot upgrade firmware at all. So you’re probably on a version less than 1.2?

How are you checking that you cannot save the calibration settings? I can’t prove it, but it seems to me that originally doing a calibration reset to the default points. Only later firmwares would restart at the previously saved calibration points. So it’s possible that it is saving, but you’re clearing it when you re-start calibration.

Does it make any funny noises when it’s moving into the region that doesn’t print? It might require some lubrication.

I think the same as clewis said,- For SD-Card is no update available, i remember from the very early Kickstarter Updates.

May you make a video about the calibration process?- Is it possible that you need to home the machine to save your calibration correctly, after pressing save on the touchscreen?

I think it’s so old that in the about page there is no version (couldn’t find anything that resembles version)

As for the calibration Im talking about Z Offset, I am going around all 4 corners, and after hitting save and going to z offset again it goes back to the uncalibrated corner positions l (I can try to capture video later today)

sound interesting, Ill try to print something immediately after to test that

It does look like a Kickstarter version as it’s have my friend name on it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Is there any way to replace/buy a newer brain without all the other parts?

You have to write a email to support and ask about a controller for the snapmaker original.
Or you buy it in a local store, but i guess support is less cost.

You could even calibrate the machine without the touchscreen, but it is a bit tricky and confusing, come back if you want to.