Micro SD vs USB-A

Dear Snapmaker
I would just like to confirm that the MicroSD card has been replaced with a USB-A type in your later releases? I’m backer #2866 and didn’t receive a MicroSD card. I did receive a USB memory stick that I’m using to print from (putting my .gcode files on and selecting the file from the touchscreen display).
In some of the online documentation, the references are to a MicroSD card. I also noticed on the forum that this MicroSD card got lost in the packaging for some backers.

I am very happy with the USB memory stick that I received but wanted to confirm that there was an upgrade on your design.

Edit: Found the reference to MicroSD card in the online manuals;


The move to a USB thumbdrive was mentioned in one of the campaign updates, so that is the latest configuration. Mine came that way as well.

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Thank you @TheBum
I thought so, then I stumbled across some documentation in the online guides refering to the SD card. I think the documentation is not updated yet. :smiley: