Lubrication of the linear modules

Hi everybody.

I wonder: how often should I lubricate the linear modules and what type of lubricant should I use? My Snapmaker is pretty busy now (I’m absolutely happy with the machine) and I worry that the white grease I see inside the modules can wear off some day. There’s nothing about it in the “Service” section in the FAQ but I know that machines like lubrication…


Hi, I’d suggest that you lubricate the linear modules every three months if you are using your Snapmaker everyday. However, you shall not lubricate them frequently. If you use the printer once a week, I think that lubricating them every year is good. The grease is better than oil since it won’t drip or run to the inner wall of the linear module. You can think about using this item for the lubrication:

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Thank you, it really helped! :slight_smile:
My Snapmaker is busy almost every day now so I believe it’s time for some lubrication.

Thank you for the link, now I’m contacting my package forwarding service to find out if this grease can be sent to my country. By the way, do you think that any PTFE grease is suitable or Super Lube 21030 has some unique qualities?

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Hi, the one that I shared above is also a kind of PTFE grease, and it is Food Grade. You can also try other PTFE grease. I think that they should be good to use, for example this one,
I think that it’s better to try with a small size first.

Thank you very much, now I’ve got the idea of the lubricant type needed. I’ll search for the similar ones in the local stores - there should be some.

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What about WD40 Lithium Spray?

Hello @Jade,

I am new to the forum and apparently can’t post yet. Is there a tutorial I can watch/read on lubing the modules? I can’t even seem to find the FAQ @rochinaa mentioned on the topic of service.

My Y module is sounding different. I listen to the machine a lot and I can just tell the sound isn’t as smooth. This lead to me finding some debris from a failed print was covered in grease. I removed everything and it sounds better, but now I am paranoid and want to lube/grease the module. I found your suggestion but no idea what I need to grease and how to do so.




The general service FAQ I mentioned is here: There’s no direct tutorial how to lubricate, but here’s the article about disassembling and cleaning the module: Hope it helps.


Thanks so much, my google-fu was not strong with this

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