G-code model looks not like model

Hello SnapMaker fellows.
I’m quit new to this 3D printing. I made my first model “Benchy” and it vent well.
Now i have createt my own model.
But when it loads into G-code preview mode it do not look as in in model view.
There are some strange white lines / artifacts in the model.
Is this normal or are i’m doing something wrong?
Will these lines be in the final print?
In advance, thank you for your help.

gcode preview model view

The Whitelines are the Travel moves the printer will do. Not sure if you can turn that displaying off or not though. Its helpfull if you see something obviously when you preview the print, else its not realy helpfull usually

Thak you for your quick respons.
I was affraid that i would be in my print.
Now i can go ahead and try this print. :slightly_smiling_face: