Is this a sign of a non watertight model?

i seem to have some parts of my gcode preview missing .evem with meshmixer fill holes applied.
is this a sign of a non manifold model?

Could also be thin features smaller than the minimum extrusion width, which are ignored in the output.

If you upload or link the model, we can give better answers.

You can also try moving the layer slider (the slider below the “1308”) down to the holes. If you see a transparent outline of the model but not head movement, it’s probably too thin.

Ive lowered the slider but am unclear what i should expect as shown below.

I can upload the obj file of a wood carving but it is quite big around 90MB .

here is a pic of the complete model

would you still like the obj file?

btw I originally created the model using using 3d zephyr and checked it using the fill all holes option.

it was subsequently rechecked using meshmixer. I now notice that meshmixer has left one hole that seems impossible to remove.

are there any other fill holes apps I should try?

May you share the STL/OBJ file via Wetrasnfer or Google Drive?


what email address do i use for wetransfer. this one?

btw the problem seems to be random

obj/mtl files sent.

its normally uniformly scaled and viewed at x7000 which gives a model something like 317.6 x 47.4 x 317.7

Sorry that I do not receive the file you sent. Could you please share a link here?

Or you can transfer the file in what methods you would like to use.



please let me know if you receive this.



Did you send me a PM or anything else? I did not see any links right know.


hopefully this will do


I dragged the model into Snapmaker Luban V3.15.0, and the default size is relatively small, like 4.5mm * 4.5mm * 0.7mm.
I enlarged the model 70 times, and it seems to be only a part of the sphere.

its a bit confusing!

I havethe same default sizes.

I understand that the default sizea are relative dimensions

but I will double check

Secondly I have scaled using x7000 uniform scaling…

you appear to have uniformly scaled using x6735 …

which is close enough for gcode preview

ps you may want to rotate the model to a vertical position (x axis 90 degrees) for comparison

I have just tried it, but the G-code file was generated successfully.

Could you please upgrade the software to Snapmaker Luban V3.15.1?

will try to upgrade manually …
auto install unsuccessful

as I said before, the gcode bug seems to be random …
but I will leave it for now until I find a single reproducable test file

btw i notice there are a number of errors in the printed model …

is there a snapmaker recommended method of converting gcode file back to a 3d model so that before and after models can be compared before printing?

That is nice question. Snapmaker Luban cannot convert the G-code to 3D model now. This is a new technology for our company and the software team will not develop it this year.