CNC carving faling


I’m having an issue with the CNC software.
First time trying out the CNC function starting with a simple relief carving.
Started off with a PNG black and white image and the preview (simulate) looked great, the Gcode preview was a bit odd but I ran it anyway.

It showed those grey lines, thats seem pointless since it just runs to the edges where there’s nothing to carve. Since it showed light grey I thought it where just travel lines.
But running it it turns out these path are actually carved out!! Makes no sense to me.

Tried a lot of tweaks, higher clearance, PNG without background, converted it into a SVG, etc. But every time it came back with those grey lines in de Gcode. Also tried vector instead of relief, but then then the preview (simulate) looks awful, loosing all the detail, then it does only show those grey lines inside the graphic area instead of the boundaries.

Does anyone have any idea what’s going on and how I can fix the Gcode.


Not sure if it is an unknown bug. Could you please send the PNG file and the G-code file to me?

You can share the files with Google Drive link.


Hi @Edwin

I’ve tried some more file options since then, but none get me the desired result.
Also did a vector cut, different design, that was flawless.

Thnx for looking into this.