Fusion 360 cnc file corruption

I made my first CNC file with fusion 360, and it seemed to load OK, but after setting the work origin, then backing Z up out of the way to ensure it didn’t hit a clamp, I ran “run boundary”. This caused the app to crash, screen says “Fab screen has stopped” “Open app again”. Upon reopening the system no longer even recognizes that .cnc files are on the thumb drive until I cycle power. cnc files made with Luban seem to be OK.
I’m running firmware V 1.13.2, and loaded the snapmaker-baxis.cps post processor library.

Haven’t seen that problem. Only thing I can think of is that your dimensions are outside what your SM can handle and it’s choking on that.
Have you tried using ncviewer.com to check the gcode?
If you can share the gcode we can take a look.

There was a similar bug a while back that was supposedly fixed, but maybe not quite thoroughly enough?