SM A350 200W CNC goes nuts .... what is going on

Hi there,
I just upgraded my SM A350 with the new 200W CNC and bracing kit. Furthermore made sure all the updates are installed and machine setup are correct.
I have used for designing my work VCarve Desktop which has worked perfectly and very easily executed the *cnc files in Luban Workspace in the past. Now, however, the same routine ends up in a disaster. The bit doesn’t follow the path at all and is all over the place - there is no sense in what it is doing.
I’m running Luban 4.12.0 and firmware 1.19.0 which include the new 200W CNC.
I was wondering if the Snapmaker post-processor ( installed in VCarve) is incompatible?
Has anybody experienced the same problem ?
Creating and executing with Luban only works normally, but that’s not an option as I need VCarve for the designing.


Did you activate your bracing kit (and quickswap) in the settings of the touchscreen?

I don’t have the quickswap kit - only bracing kit and I activated it from the touchscreen settings.
Oddly, my snapmaker seems to work normally when transferring the *.cnc files via USB and only using touchschreen. When start working from Luban, then everything goes nuts. Could there be a bug in the program causing it to malfunction. Before, it was just a pleasure working with CNC from Luban, but now I don’t want to risk my material and equipment with it.

Did you even setup your device configuration in Luban, correctly?

You need to activate both in touchscreen and Luban…

Well I wish I had seen your post previously. I have the new 200w cnc and both the quick swap and bracing kits. Both the Snapmaker and Luban are configured correctly - they know about both.

Just exported my toolpaths from Vcarve Pro, using the snapmaker post processor - put the file onto a USB and set the job off. It started ok but then started to do strange curve to the right and would have continued right off the workpiece if i hadn’t killed the power.

Loaded the file into the Luban WorkSpace and it shows loads of circular movements - nothing like what it is supposed to be doing! What is going on?

Did you get this sorted?