Fusion 360 Carving V-Bit and CNC Milling Machine Configuration

I’ve been doing some digging on the site. I’ve found the tools and post processing files on Github here: Github Files

However none of them appear to contain the milling machine configuration for the Snapmaker 2.0, and while I did find what appears to be a Carving V-Bit in the Original snapmaker tool set, it throws an error that it is not a valid bit for milling.

Does anyone have a working CNC Milling machine configuration for the Snapmaker 2.0 and one for the Carving V-Bit?

I have the same problem. No solution found yet. Replying here to pop up the question to the top of the forum.

It’s a fusion issue. It doesn’t allow you to use an engraving bit for milling.
If you select engraving it lets you use it for that.
I can’t remember what the workaround was.
I think the problem is that the bit tip needs a dimension for computing paths and the solution was to create a bit that had a .01mm cutting diameter.
Try searching the Fusion forums.

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Hi @Drahkar

So did u find the solution for this? I just got my snapmaker a while ago and also cannot figure this out


You have to set it up as a ‘chamfer’ tool:

Your settings may vary depending on your bit.


thanks, appreciate it