CNC Bits in Fusion 360

Hi everyone,
I have had the Snapmaker A350 for about 8 months now but have only just got the confidence to get into CNC carving. I have ordered the 5 CNC bit package to try and do relief carving of landscapes from terrain2stl with the V-bit. The problem I have is in the tool library downloaded from the snapmaker website there doesn’t appear to be a carving bit shown, so I can’t generate the gcode in Fusion.

Is it in the tool library or is there somewhere else I need to get it from?

Any help appreciated!

If you download the post-process files from the support page and install it correctly, you should be able to create your toolpaths with various bits.
There is a tutorial about fusion in the forum.
Should be this thread, i guess:

I imported the Snapmker 2.0 CNC Tool Library into Fusion but there doesn’t seem to be a v-carving bit in the list - there are 7 flat end mills and 1 ball end but no indication of a carving v-bit. I’ll have a look in the other tool libraries but I’m not sure what it will be described as.

You could create your own bit.
Simply measure the bit and create it.

Or you write to support to get the needed facts or a updatet file :smirk:.

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