Flying Sea Turtle, A350 25 Hour Print


If you’ve seen any of my other posts you will see I’ve spent most of my A350 life trying to work through issues. However, I’ve reached a point that I think I can try printing something a bit more than a calibration cube or benchy :smile:

So going for this awesome Flying Sea Turtle.

I don’t have any nice monitoring setup like Octoprint so helpfully it all goes well.

Layer Height: 0.16mm
Infill: 15%
Flow Rate: 90%
Default Printing Speed: 30 mm/s
Hotend: 195C / Bed: 60C
No supports, apart from one gear (shown later)

The skirt adhesion looks good.

The first attempt was not so good, I had adjusted the print volume for my glass bed ( Creality 3D® Ultrabase 310x320x4mm) but I hadn’t adjusted the X,Y origin offset to compensate.

Although it will print well on painters tape, no so much over the edge of the bed :laughing:

Will update as it goes.

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Update: First layer was good.

Small issue, I had only looked at the parts at a glance and thought i was mostly flat with little overhang, apart from one of the gears which I specifically enabled supports for. Turns out a couple of parts have elements floating in the air :laughing:

Hopefully, the print head doesn’t collide with this part while travelling.

Security cam view:


I think the flow rate might have been too low at 90% as seems to be quite a lot of gaps.

The horizontal turned out okay, top surface flat but underneath ugly as no supports. Going to re-print this one and up the flow rate a little.

All the dynamic parts turned out well, hinges work and rotating parts work. :clap:

Only added supports to this gear part, notice the gaps again.

Got all the parts off, going to clean a couple of parts up.


Putting it all together :boom: