Showcasing my printroom, show off yours!

Alright it might be a little self promoting and slightly egotistical but I finally got my A350 into the cabinet, setup in the room and I’m just so proud of how its coming along, might wanna clean my desk but its a work in progress.

Show off your rooms where the magic happens (PG rated people haha)


Hi @coppertop_1, thanks for the share :slight_smile:

Great job. If you don’t mind asking, what size is your table for the A350 and enclosure? Any lessons learned? Suggestions?

do you mean the table that the 3D printers are sitting on?

Yes, I just got my A350 and enclosure in the mail yesterday!!! I am putting together this weekend. So excited, but I am concerned that my table is not large enough. Considering the vacum port and cable management issues and all the normal workflow processes that comes with it, what is your recommended table size (infinity is lesser of an option). I am also thinking about whenever you finish a project and remove it from the A350 enclosure, I will then need to clean, trim, and all that stuff so that workspace will be important too.

Thank you

Yeah my cooling fan is blocked with the table size, I’m thinking of printing a 90 degree replacement fitting on the back…but also its so far from a window to vent outside anyways.

The tables I used are two Ikea coffee tables, screwed together, they were on sale at the time, can’t remember the size off hand.

So many hives! I printed one a week ago and it took like 10h… too many hours to be mass manufactured…

Nice turbofan btw :grin:

Thanks, yeah the hives are a little tight, I think when I printed them my printer at the time wasn’t setup perfectly…as for the turbofan, I gave it to a buddy from work for his son, I have recently finished printing the turbofan with high bypass engine nacelle

My hive is also tight… maybe the problem is not in the setup but just the design itself. I think the drawer section can be scaled down to 99% in the hex-plane axis to have a loose fit.

Glad to see I’m not the only one then.

I see you moved the spool to the top. Did you drill a hole into the top acrylic pane for that?

Also, how did you solve the problem with the exhaust being at the back? (Not?)