Flexible Build Plate Mondifications

Recently I have noticed that the SM flexible build plate has begun to separate internally. Most likely due the adhesive separating from the metal center. It has become visible and affects all prints. That being said I am in the process of removing both sides of the “Sticker” (At least that’s what SM calls the plastic grid). I will try and re level the bed using the auto leveler, in an attempt to improve Auto Leveling and a cleaner First Layer. Likely what we are all attempting to achieve.

Ultimately, I am not trying to purchase a new one or a replacement from “Fulament” $89 USD.

I don’t know where you got the $89 USD price, but a replacement for the A350 is only $35 on Snapmaker’s amazon store. However, I would suggest getting a double sided PEI sheet from Aliexpress. It has smooth PEI on one side, and textured powdercoated PEI on the other. Similar to having both of Prusa’s sheets in one. I have one and it works wonders, smooth side for PLA and ASA, textured side for PETG and TPU, no glue stick or anything required. They’re a bit more expensive around $60, but worth.

That being said, if you want alternatives, after you peel off the original sticker you can either layer down some blue painters tape, kapton tape, or the buildtak like surfaces that come with Overture PETG (if you buy those) to recoat it. The original surface is similar to buildtak for reference of what the Overture build sheets are like (every spool of PETG comes with one, however, they’re not big enough so you’ll need a few to trim and tile to cover the entire bed). You MIGHT get away with bare metal if you can get ALL the glue and residue off, likely would require gluestick or hairspray to get adhesion, however.

So cheapest; cover in blue tape. Will likely require some testing to get right, and maintenance/replacement of the tape.
Mid-tier; just a replacement sheet from Amazon, factory experience:

Expensive; The ENERGETIC brand double-sided PEI sheet, PEI is so nice to print on and you can follow the Prusa FAQs on their sheets on best practices of using it:

This of course, assumes you’re using a 350 model.

The build plate should be considered an expendable.
That’s why the SM ones are two sided.
Or switch to a different surface like @Skreelink suggests.


I get that they are consumable. In today’s economic environment I am just trying to stretch a $$. I will say after pulling the sticker off and cleaning both sides with brake cleaner and 99% Rubbing Alcohol, it still works well, and flex’s better. Also, with the adhesive and the “stickers” removed the build plate heats faster and retains more heat.

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