Where to buy build plate adhesive decals?

Ive used my last printer decal bed sheet. Not bad, they lasted about 3 years, one per year. I can’t seem to find these guys in stock anywhere. What options are you guys using for the build surface if the decals are no longer available? Thanks!

You can probably find something close on Aliexpress or similar, then cut it down to size.
I use a removable magnetic sheet from Ziflex, not sure if they still do them or not though.

I have a couple of original stickers I’ll probably never use, but I’m in Aus.

If you buy overture brand PETG, they always include bed stickers that you can cut down to fit. Otherwise you can just look for them on Amazon or Aliexpress as @WokkaWokka mentioned.

Somebody in the forums previously recommended these sheets from amazon for a 2.0. It’s oversized, so just cut the excess off. Or go even larger, and can get multiple stickers from a single sheet. I haven’t tried them.