Fixing Snapmaker Ray and enclosure to a board

I have bought a suitably sized piece of 15mm MDF that I want to fix the linear rails to (somehow on the 4 x feet) and also to place the enclosure on (and ideally secure that too).
Has anyone done this?
Any ideas on the best way to secure?

I have to say that placing the enclosure and Ray on a board is a good idea because once built into the enclosure the machine isn’t really movable anymore. The enclosure could be a bit bigger i you ask me, but as said when you place it on some board this makes it easier to move it.

I’ve not fixed the enclosure / Ray at the moment and actually I don’t see any special need for this…

I’ve used 930mm x 700mm 15mm MDF.
drilled a hole through the bottom of the screw in feet, and fixed to the board with M5 35mm countersink bolts and M5 locking nuts. The linear frame is now rock solid.

I’m going to 3D print 2 x locking sections to secure the x-y cross member when being moved.

I’ve cable clipped the left side y axis cable to the board

Just need to figure a way to fix the enclosure, so that it can easily be removed when needed. Will post photos.

I bought a workbench on wheels and placed the housing and laser on it. The advantage of this is that I can roll the whole thing out onto the patio if necessary to direct the vapors outside straight away.

My advantage at the moment is the covered and therefore weather-protected terrace. But it also has the advantage that the laser is mobile and can be quickly moved to another location.

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