Enclosure Issues

Hi All,

I’m assembling a new enclosure for an A350T and have hit a snag. I’m at the part in the assembly where I should be attaching the rear acrylic panel, however I’ve noticed that the panel is significantly different in dimension than the frame (at least 3/4" too tall) and the holes for the acrylic mounting screws are drilled on the wrong face of the extrusion.

Is there something obvious I’m missing here?

I’ve sent a help ticket to Snapmaker, but the automated response says it could take up to a week to hear back & I could not find a support number to call - hoping there’s helpful advice to be found here.


You are you sure you don’t have it flipped and wrong side out? All the pieces should fit if in the proper orientation. Otherwise it would be unlikely they’d fit in the packaging either.

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Oh my gosh, I feel very stupid. I had it flipped and rotated incorrectly. Thank you for the suggestion!