Snapmaker Ray Enclosure lid warping

Is anyone else having an issue with the Ray enclosure lid warping upwards in the corners? Anyone know how to fix this?

Customer Support provided a solution to fix the warping

I don’t see any warping of the lid on my Ray… I think you should contact the support as this could be connected with a problem in the production… :thinking:

Hello there,

I have the exact same problem. Thanks for having shared this. I hope we can find a solution!

You have to ask support anyway:

Looks like something some 3M VHB tape would take care of.

Would you please contact Snapmaker support with pictures of your enclosure. I reached out to them the day after making this original post and they just responded this morning. They said no one else has reported this happening. If this is happening to some people we need to let them know so they can work on a solution and fix for future builds. Use the link xchrisd posted just below your original post.

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I just submitted a support ticket. Now wait and see.

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Customer Support replied and sent a video that did indeed fix the warping.

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