Open enclosure door support


I am very happy with my Ray but having to hold the door of the enclosure manually open while working inside the machine is not really practical.

Is there an add-on available or does anybody have already made some type of support which resolves this problem ?

Many thanks

:rofl: made my day :joy:.

@fle I have to say that the lid of my enclosure keeps open when I open it completely… Maybe you have to move the enclosure a bit away from the wall to give the lid some more space? :slightly_smiling_face:

:joy: great ! That is more or less what I do at the moment.

Maybe I 3D print something similar.
I have unfortunately no wall at the rear.


Strange, if you have no wall that blocks the lid from opening it should already stay open when you open the lid completely… :thinking:

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Thank you, that solved my problem.

I did not open it completely as it is quite big and I thought it would fall down at the rear. I have seen now that it stays open perfectly.

Problem solved, many thanks.

Kind regards