DIY Enclosure Finished

Finally got around to finishing my enclosure.
(Disregard the masking tape holding the side doors closed. I’m still waiting on the magnet latches to arrive.)


@BluegrassBlaster that looks great! I love the vacuum attachment. Super clean. Good work!

Did you change out the standard plate to mount the linear rails?

Thanks! It was a pretty fun build. Everything (base plate and bed plate) is stock. I just took the bed plate attachments from I didn’t lower the base plate though; I raised the enclosure bottom instead.

Super nice project. Love it. Any chance to share a BOM and/or instructions.
Great job.

Sure thing. Give me a few days, and I should have that put together. Do you want the DXF files for the laser cut panels too?

SM (1.0 MB)
Here is everything I have (I think). I included the DXF files for the panels. I’ll have to find the LED light mounts later though.


  • Everything was attached to the 2020 frame with M4 hammer nuts.
  • The top and back panel were made from 1/4" acrylic, and the door panels are made from 1/8" acrylic.
  • The risers raise the bottom of the enclosure up to the level of the top of the SM base. Place the “Foot Spacer” in-between the “Corner Riser” and the “Foot Holder”. This will place them at the appropriate distance to center the frame on the SM. The “Foot Holder” will hold the stock bottom feet of the SM.
  • Print 4x of the “Rail Spacer”. This will attach to the 2020 rail for the linear rail mod, and sit between the Y-Axis and the 2020 rail.

Let me know if you have any questions!


This is sharp! I really like it!

LED Rack Mounts.STL (426.8 KB)

Here are the LED lights I used, and the mounts I made. I would install them prior to putting the top on though. It will make it much easier.

Fantastic Job. I’m still playing around with mine but definitely want to do the cable management mod soon.