First post, wifi file transfer hangs

Searched, didn’t find anything relevant. I’ve transferred several gcode files via wifi successfully, trying one now that just hangs. It’s the gcode from the kickstarter printer test, a bit over 12 MB. Either the transfer is about 1 byte / sec, or it’s just not transferring, the ‘wait’ message stays up, nothing gets transferred. Firmware is V10.10.0. (and yes, getting the print hang at 99% as others have reported)


I am seeing something similar. Did you ever figure it out? For now I’ve just been using USB, but it would be nice to be able to use the WiFi send.


I get the same thing. My first attempt after setting up the device and all I can get is “Sending File… Please wait for the fie to transfer”. I can’t find anything that describes this or why it might be happening. Any ideas?

it happens to me once in a while, usually i just exit luban and reboot the machine and it goes away though.

I’ve also seen this a couple of times. Restarting Luban and reconnecting worked for one, had to restart the Snapmaker for the other. I have a vague sense it was related to an operation that had just been done, but unsure. I’ll pay attention if it happens again.