Snapmaker 2.0 Printing Quality

Hey there,

I printed a stand for a tablet and got some strange results that I don’t know how to overcome.
Please see the following picture. It seems like the layers are not on top of each other except on the edges of the print.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome to the forum! If you give us some more details as to your print settings, hopefully we will be able to help.

Are you using default Luban settings or custom settings? What material and temperature are you printing at? A screenshot of your sliced G-code could also prove useful in diagnosing your print quality issues.

From the limited information I would say it could be down to printing too quickly, poor filament quality, loose bed/carriage or possibly extrusion issues.

If possible try to film your printer for 30-60 seconds whilst printing as this may also help us diagnose.

Thanks for the fast reply.
Here are the settings I am using:

The filament I uses is from Redline Filaments White PLA.

Hope these infos help.

Hey, i am not able to see the part you have photographed in your Luban.

Please give us another shot.

I dont speak german so I had to guess at what the settings were but the speeds look alright.

Is the model flat at the bottom? If not it looks like it may require better support. If the model isnt held stiffly to the print bed it can move very minorly whilst printing and result in uneven walls

Sorry, here in English and another angle on my model:

That could be it, because yes, the model has a shape that makes it impossible to lay it flat.

Can you see it now? I uploaded it as .png

Now it’s better, I would decrease the print temp a bit, have your tried printing a temp tower with this type of filament?

Sorry for the late reply. Your settings look fine honestly.

It looks like the entire model is printed on top of support material. This is not ideal especially for objects with thin base and tall height.

Could you print using the side with the hole facing down? That would give you a nice stable base to the print.

On another possible cause, look at your print bed when it is moving. Do you notice the bed rising and falling (moving up and down in Z)? If so you should contact support as this should not be happening.