First 3D print tests: can you help me analize results?

Hi guys,
I’m new and I’m doing some 3D print tests with my new Snapmaker Original.
Yesterday I’ve printed the Cooling Shroud thinkin that could be a good idea to upgrade my cooling sysytem.

I’ve used the Reccomded Normal Quality from Snapmakerjs and here some results:

What do you think? Why the right panel has one corner lifted up?
I’d like to undestrand how to “read” the results and what to change to improve the quality.

PS: I used this filament:

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Please tell us more than “Normal Quality”-Profile.

The edge, what you see is warping.- This happens because of low layer/bed adhesion.
I generally think you shoult print way hotter.

Print it with 220°C hotend and 60°C bed.
You could also try this Temp.-Tower for tweaking your future results: Look also at this thread:


Thanks for response!
I’m just reading about temp tower and… wow! Great idea!
What is not clear to me is how to chenge the temperature for each “floor” of the twer?
Have you had to modify manually the gcode file? Why you don’t go higher than 225C?

Hi xchrisd,
I’ve just printed your Temp. Tower gcode and I’ve checked the temperature is changed correctly while printing! Great!
Still not clear how to make the temperature changing during the process but… here the result:

What do you think?

Thanks, I really appreciate your help!

Hey, thank you for the flowers :wink:
205°C are well, I think. How is the stringing between the small towers?
I could do this with simplify3d but it would also possible to edit it manually.
If you want I could also upload a higher degree one.
If you open the gcode with the editor you will see the commands and commentaries.

Like I said, print the first layer hotter to prevent warping, if it is low detailed.
I print everything with 60°C bed, except ABS-filament.

Here there are some other pics…

205C? I was supposed the 210 is the guy! mmmmhh… can you help me understand how to read the tower? :slight_smile:

Oh, you are right. I thought it starts with 185°C…

Ok no problem! :slight_smile:

The fact that also in 210C my floor is not “perfect” what does it mean? May I improve something on my Snapmaker Original?

Hey @Bullone there are several ways to calibrate your printer. At my point, my snapmaker original did the whole time great jobs. I calibrated the extrusion a month ago but my machine was out of the kickstarter campaign and i use it till 2Years.

I think it depends a lot on the filament what you use.

To the temp-tower, you have to choose the right spot on your own.
Choose between:

  • stringing (between the little towers)
  • figure of the wall (too high temp. makes it wobbly)
  • overhang/bridge

if you have chosen a temp. level, go on and print the

MINI All In One 3D printer test by [majda107]



Thank you so much xchrisd, you’re helping me so much!

Great suggestions and they are very helpful to me. :vulcan_salute: :vulcan_salute: