50mm blower fan mount

Hi all,

I had a rethink on how to improve the part cooling for my Snapmaker whilst 3D printing.
After a bit of research I have opted for a 50mm blower type fan.
Although still in the early stages of testing, I have noticed a marked improvement!
Whilst printing an overhang test, I was able to achieve an extra 15 degrees of overhang before print failure! (see images).

I have just posted my mount for the 50mm blower fan on thingiverse… www.thingiverse.com/thing:3610831


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I find that odd. I was able to completely print that test without additional cooling. The underside of the 10º step overhang test did start getting rough around 50º, but it completed. I sliced using Snapmaker 3D, using the “High Quality” print settings. Maybe I’ll retry using Snapmaker JS or Cura.

I suspect the part would have printed much nicer if it had some cooling though. With a few more prints under my belt, I have noticed that the Snapmaker has issues with overhangs and cooling, especially when the print area is very small (like when the 15º step overhang test is finished, and only the 10º step test is left). Most of the time it’s happened to me, it was only a problem for a short period of time (part is getting larger, giving it more time to cool, or it’s nearly complete). So I’ve just been blowing on it to help cool.

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Clewis, the human blower fan. :wink:

I am also curious how the other slicers work out. I know I had issues going from snapmaker 3d to snapmaker js, though I can’t explain why. Curious how your test goes, do let us know.

I reprinted the test using Snapmaker 3D’s Fast Print setting (0.2mm layer). It came out fine. A little rough on the underside once I got past 60º, but it completed the print. This filament is getting old, so there was more stringing this time, but otherwise I’m fairly happy with it.

I didn’t use any additional cooling, just the normal snapmaker fan. I do have the ceiling fan on, but it doesn’t move much air under the print head.

I just finished off this spool. I’ll give Snapmaker JS and Cura a spin when I open a fresh spool of filament.