Firmware update - blinks blue fast then solid red

I just assembled my Snapmaker Original and tried to update the firmware following the instructions, but when I insert the USB and turn it back on, the LED blinks blue a few times fast and then turns solid red.

What should I try?

Also, when I try to go into settings to calibrate it, I click on settings and then nothing happens.

Feeling really disappointed so far.

Did you use a firmware for the original? 2.0 firmware is not compatible with original controllers. 2.11 is the latest for the original, and I have to imagine that you have it already. You can check on the controller in Settings > About. It should say “Snapmaker-GD32Base-2.11”.

If it doesn’t have 2.11, download it from Downloads and Updates for Firmware

When you click on settings and nothing happens, is that from a clean boot, or after a failed firmware update? I would turn the controller off and back on again after a failed firmware update. If it happens from a clean boot, do any of the buttons work? Maybe try unplugging and replugging the connector?