Filiment will not load

Changed out the filiment like I always have, but now the 3D head will not load the new filiment.
It’s up to temperture fine, opened and closed the latched tab to make sure the filiment was being grabbed, but nothing.

Machine has been working flawlessly for me, so I’m not sure what it could be. With hearing all the nightmares, I have not done any of the updates to firmware, and have not has a single problem up to now.

Apprecaite any insight.

If you press the load button while the latch is open, can you see the gear turning?

If the gear is turning when you load like @bobby4718 says, you probably just have a clog.

If you push on the filament with the door open do you get any filament coming out of the nozzle? Try raising the nozzle temp 5-10º. If it’s not coming out you can try doing a cold pull. Or just swap out the hot end (or replace the nozzle.)

If the gear isn’t turning, there may be ground filament jamming it up. A wire brush and some canned air might work. Otherwise you need to email support.


Yes, the gear was turning. So I heated up the print head, and used a hat pin to puch down from the top into the nozzle. That cleared it up.

Thanks everyone for their advise. Appreciate the help.

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