Filament button stuck

Greetings hopefully someone might have a solution to this, I cant get the filament to load and the button you press on the from seems stuck down and won’t pop out. I do not know if this has something to do with the filament not loading. I would appreciate any help

quickest way to see what’s going on is to open the right side panel of the printer module. You’ll see a fan. Take out the 4 screws of the fan. Once you’ve done that you can see the stepper motor gear that’s feeding the filament and the bearing that’s attached to the button. See what’s happening with the filament if your button is stuck. Good luck.

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I have taken out the fan, and see nothing stuck in the stepper motor gear… the button is randomly hard to press down on. And when it finally is pressed all the way in, it is stuck… only by loosening the four screws on the block with the provided allen key does it sometimes release itself. But pressing the button again is still very tough…

The button has always been super hard to press in… please help!.. I have never been able to use this printer with ease despite everything I read and research on how I’m supposed to use it…

I should also point out that even when the button works as normal, no amount of me pushing filament through while the button is pressed all the way and temperature is set to 200, the nozzle would not produce anything out of the tip.