Gcode files not showing up on USB or in local files when sent through wifi

I updated My A350 with the latest version (4.10.2) and firmware but when i send files via wifi i get the “File Transferred!” screen on my. I click “Got it” but the files aren’t on the local drive. exported it to a USB and still don’t show up. all other files on the USB show up, just not the g-code. when i plug it back into the computer the g-code is there. I’ve uninstalled, turned off, turned on, reinstalled, turn off, turn on a few times to no avail. tried resetting the touch screen… still nothing. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Sounds like the file name isn’t recognised. Which software is producing the Gcode file?

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To add to this: All the files are GCode, i.e. text files containing GCode commands in clear text, so the file type ending can be changed without the need to regenerate the file. Depending on which workload you’re using, the file ending sould be (with a grain of salt, just from memory - I may get things mixed up here, please correct me if someone knows better):

  • 3D print: *.gcode
  • CNC milling: *.cnc
  • Laser: *.nc

So, just rename your file accordingly, and you’re ready to go.

EDIT: Btw., if Snapmaker happens to read this: The file manager on the touchscreen could do with a considerable overhaul, like a) a tick mark that allows to show all files instead of the filtered view, b) a way to mass-delete files without the need to tick each and every file and/or c) a way to acces the files on the touchscreen via Luban or file explorer from the PC for a more comfortable content management.

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We’ll have to wait and see which software he is using and which file name suffix it’s using to ascertain if that is indeed the problem.
It could be that the file is correctly named but the tool head fitted is causing the file name to be filtered out, and therefore the wrong file type is being sent for the current tool head.

I agree the touch screen interface needs an overhaul; some of the text is far too small, it doesn’t even remember your chosen sort order, the file time display doesn’t make sense (09:45 for 9:45pm!), heated bed option and number of points for levelling should be in the levelling menu not the settings, etc…