Filament Type Question

Does anyone know of a filament type that Snapmaker 2.0 can use that would be good for soft in ear headphones? I have google’d the various options for Soft PLA, TPE etc. But, does anyone have experience with any of these or other options for this scenario?

If you’re looking for alternatives, I think the normal material for earbuds (that is what we’re talking about here, right? “Headphones”, to me, go over the ear, not inside the ear canal) is silicone. You can buy supplies for home silicone casting from places like .

Correct, in ear, earbuds. I was hoping to find a material that could be 3D printed rather than cast so I could customize the connection onto a set of Apple AirPod Pro’s. I am sure there isn’t a printable silicone but was hoping for something similar.