Can the Snapmaker print Metal Filament

Can the Snapmaker 2.0 print in any type of metal? I’ve been looking around and can’t find any information saying yes or no please help.

The Snapmaker 2.0 doesn’t support metal filament with the current printing module.

Do you want actual metal or something that just “looks” like metal?
Actual metal is only doable with 3D printers that cost $500,000 or so!
There are many filaments that look like bronze, silver, gold, copper, etc.

People have been using the metal filaments on a v1, so I see no reason a v2 wouldn’t do it too.

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They are just metal filled PLA like this one:

You’ll want a hardened nozzle or have a big supply of brass ones!
There are also Carbon Fiber filled filaments too.


Trying some gifted Markforged Copper and 625 Inconel. Anyone have experience on an A250?

Hi mwallis002,
Did you get the chance to try out above gifted filaments. If yes, how was the experience?

I tried to print with it but it was not practical.