Jewellery on snapmaker

Hi All,

I am new to this 3D printing world - please suggest can snapmaker 2.0 be used for Jewellery Prints as a master piece for moulds.

Thanks in Advance.

It depends on your use case though. The 0.04mm print head has limitations when it comes to printing detailed jewellery pieces. But you can swap the original print head with some other print heads on the market with a smaller nozzle diameter such as 0.03mm, which can give you a more detailed jewellery print.

Thank you @jkc20 , I will check out for that,

Hey, if you want to print the finest things you could switch to a other noozle diameter.
Regular Noozle is 0,4mm. Noozles seems to be standard-size thread, look at this

So, if you want to print fine things, try switching the noozle first before buying a new print head.
I haven´t tried 0,1mm noozle yet.- 1mm und 0,6mm works great for fast massive prints.
Greets Chris !

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Thank you Very much @xchrisd.
Will work on that nozzle sizes.

Do we have specific PLA filaments for the Jewellery. Please suggest.

Hey @PrasadChary ,
i have over readen that you want to make molds.- which material do you want to fill into the molds?

I thought you want to make rings and pendants so far.
if you have a .stl or a link you could share it with me and i could try to print it.
I have no Snapmaker 2 yet but, i think the Snapmaker 1 would do the job at the same or a bit less quality than 2.

Yes @xchrisd I looking for jewellery items like Rings, Pendants and Sorry to say I don’t have ready .stls right now and will work on it and will share with you once I have.

Thanks Again for the response.

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So I currently use a Prusa MK3 for my 3D printing, and I’m about to get a V1 of this. So I can’t say 1 way or the other when it comes to quality or whatever on this. However, I’m assuming it’s going to be more than less the same.

Anyways, here is what you need to note when 3D printing and Jewellery. This printer is considered to be a FDM printer. Which basically means it uses a filament. If you want to make super super super high level stuff, you need a SLA. SLA printers use light to harden resin. The problem with that is those printers cost a large amount, the resin cost about 7 times more to make the same, and there is way more steps in dealing with that. However, the return is you get the highest quality item you can build in the 3D printing world.
With that in mind, FDM is more than OK with doing normal things like ear rings, and other things like that.

Thing you need to note that is a bit more important is the material you use. If the item touches someones skin a great bit, then you need to note what is in the material. If you’re selling cheap $0-$10 items. I wouldn’t worry much about this. But legally you need to note this.

Anyways, what you need to note is at what resolution you need the print. This will quickly tell you if it will work for you.

P.S. you mentioned rings and pedants. With a FDM this is possible. But note the detail level. So if it’s something like a class ring. Most I’ve seen I will say use a FDM can handle it. But some of the old world stuff where it is super super super detailed (meaning very small things going on within the ring). SLA is pretty much your only option.
I suggest taking a look at Thingiverse to see some examples. This is a good place to get some STL files for when you are testing out your new machine.

@crua9 Thanks for the making me understanding about the 3D resin/filament prints …
As 3D Resin printers are high costs thought to start with filament printer initially and upgrade later and as per my analysis felt snapamaker will help me and also it has 3 other two modules i.e. Cnc and laser so choosed this. I expect Snapmaker will help me.

And sure will focus on level of detailing on objects as per the filament outputs.
Thanks Again

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