After market nozzles


Sorry for so many questions, just trying to get all the information together. I looked around and have found that the nozzle is .4mm type MK8 M6 thread.

Theoretically, if I were to want a smaller diameter nozzle, can the machine handle the higher resolution or is that pissing in the wind?

Additionally, if i were to find a hardened nozzle I should be able to print filaments with carbon fiber as long as I get the settings figured out, yes?

I know, right now only PLA and ABS are “official”. I doubt that its impossible to use other materials though… as everyone seems to say petg is the way to go anyhow.

I am having so much fun playing with this thing.

Way more than PLA & ABS are “official”:

Just look at the recommended temps of whatever filament you want to try and as long as they’re within the range that SM can handle, than you can try them.

You’ll probably need to use an adapter to get flexible filaments like TPU to work.

Hardened nozzles can be used with SM. May need to increase nozzle temp 5-10 deg. since it won’t be as conductive as brass.

Not sure about going smaller. Hasn’t been a concern of mine.
You can definitely use a larger nozzle. You will have to use a different slicer like Cura since Luban doesn’t allow for changing nozzle size settings.



Oh, I guess I did read that at some point… I got mixed up because Luban only shows abs or pla.

What type of adaptor are you referring to?

This one:

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Thanks! I really appreciate all of your replies, you are very helpful and passionate. I have been reading a lot of your posts!


These machines aren’t going to fix itself it looks like hahaha :laughing:.

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Also I would be wary of doing any large prints with highly abrasive filaments… as many parts of the print head are one of a kind and appear not to be made of hardened steel (just the normal variety steel) you may see excessive ware after prolonged use of such filaments


The only part that I might be concerned about would be the gear teeth but I don’t think there’s really that much to worry about. Otherwise the extruder tube is lined with PTFE and easily replaceable along with the hot end. The only other item in contact with the filament is the wheel and I can’t see that wearing that much and is easy enough to inspect.
Brass is extremely soft especially with the high temperatures that the nozzles are subjected to. And the tolerances for proper printing are so small that even the slightest wear will have large consequences.

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That’s not entirely true… there is the coller where the filament enters the print head. And may biggest concern, the aluminum heat sink that the filament passes through between the gear and hot end. That heat sink is special made for SM, it is made of a soft metal. I still think it would take many hours of printing with highly abrasive filament to see wear… but I personally wouldn’t put 1000 hours on it using fiberglass reinforced nylon without a backup print head on hand.

Interesting. Yeah I don’t think I’ll be doing a whole lot with it or anything but just wanted to try it and have the option for things where needed.

McMaster Carr has spools of various plastics with carbon fiber, fiberglass, even stainless steel or brass!