Filament reload error [FIXED]

I got a response from person named Potter. They gave me links to 2 videos showing instructions on how to take the printer head apart and check for a loose micro switch. Mine isn’t loose and there is an audible click when the filament is inserted. Although, I did notice that the curve in the filament as it unwinds does move out of the range of the switch. And the switch clicks on and off when a piece of the filament is rotated. A slight bend of the switch arm fixes this, which was done by giving the micro switch arm a slight bend with the tools provided I used the H1.5 underneath and the H2.0 above. See pic.

PLEASE NOTE! Very little effort is needed. If it doesn’t click when the filament is inserted, you went too far and it needs a slight bend back. Now the filament clicks the micro switch no matter which way the filament curve goes.


Any chance of getting the links to those videos?