Filament lets loose on big print

Last hour I have been working on leveling the bed cause of various reason. Now it finally looks like perfectly leveled, I tried to print something I have been printing over 6 times today. But now via Cura - since in Cura I can duplicate models, and print the same model multiple times - and it totally messes it up. See the following video to see what happens:

After doing a bit of research myself, I noticed that the print and travel speed where different (40mm/s print speed in Snapmaker3D vs 60mm/s in Cura & 70mm/s travel speed vs 120mm/s in Cura). I haven’t yet tried to print the same model with the different settings, since it looks like the gcode has been overwritten for this print. But I was wondering if anyone has some other tips & tricks for me to have a look at. When this kind of issue re-occurs.

@freyje Here’s a link to Cura print quality profiles that you can use: