Feature Request - MQTT messages for status, actions,

I would like to integrate my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 into my network and be able to process the status of the device in my home automation, for example (turn off power when printing is complete). Also, for example, Alexa could warn when the filament has run out or when printing is complete.

MQTT messages would be perfect for this and it should not be such a big effort to build it into the software.

E.g. there could be the topic Snapmaker with the subtopics 3d-print, cnc, laser, state, warning, error, …

As state could be reported

  • 3D printing started
  • 3D print completed
  • Filament run out
  • CNC started
  • CNC tool change
  • etc.

I would be grateful if this feature would make it easier to integrate Snapmaker into private home automation or workshop and industrial operations.


OctoPrint already does a lot of this and you could write a plugin to do the other stuff. Then ask Snapmaker to report filament run out fully, not just to the touch screen. Lots of us would like that.

yes, I have seen that Octoprint can already do a lot there. But I don’t want to use Octoprint at the moment (yet) because otherwise I’m fine with Snapmaker and its software.
Therefore “built-in MQTT” would be very fine.