Request: Notification when Job finished

Can you add the feature to get notification when job is finished?


Notification of failures would be awesome too.

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The printer has no idea what a failed print is. It will continue to print spaghetti until it thinks the print is done, the filament is empty or the printer sets itself on fire. You can install Octoprint and run Spaghetti Detective to get notification failures.

Fair point, I was actually thinking about filament runout. That the printer does know about.

The machine cannot judge the failed prints as we do not have a computer vision device to monitor it.

Snapmaker machine will report failures of filament, power supply and file transferring process.


My impression of this request is active notification. SMS, email, something like that, so we don’t have to keep checking on the machine directly.

I am sorry that the machine cannot send active notification to users when the work is completed. Some users considered the Octoprint. This may be helpful to you.


@Snapmaker-Edwin is there any chance of opening up the tablet software? If y’all open source that thing, I’m sure there’s plenty of forum members who’d love to dig into it and add features (seeing as how it’s got wifi and looks to be running some version of Android, I’d bet I could get pushbullet/slack/telegram/twilio notifications out of it)


I am sorry that I cannot answer this question now. @Alan is our software developer, who may answer your question about the open-source issue of the touchscreen.