What program do people use for lasering?

for CnC and 3d printing i have been told fusion 360 with another program i can’t remember (but i have it somewhere)

@widjit said Lightburn was excellent for laser? do you guys/gals use any other program for laser? as i have found luban is pretty good

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I don’t have any problem with Luban for most of what I’ve been lasering.
Mostly logos and fairly contrasty artwork. The occasional grayscale logo. Not much of straight photos. I think that’s where lightburn excels is with grayscale and dithering. Still need to play with it more, but for now Luban works fine.

thanks sdj544, i was really impressed with the photo lasering in luban. but i am sure it is much better with lightburn - just checked the cost of lightburn, unless i start selling the pic’s - i might stay with luban :slight_smile:

thanks again - it is good to know there are alternatives out there.

Just got my Snapmaker 2 and am trying to learn Both Luban and Lightburn. Snapmaker installed Luban smoothly and worked on WiFi. Trying Lightburn I guess I need to gut a USB cable to work. My computer doesn’t seem to recognize I even have a cable connected. I think I’m going to burn through my 30 day trial without ever sending an image to the laser. This is just a hobbiest thing for me but I’ld really like to put some photos to wood and make some jigsaw puzzles before christmas.