Thank you Snapmaker Team!

I don’t entirely know which category to place this in, but I’d just like to say a massive “Thank You!” to everybody that has worked so hard on making the Snapmaker arrive at our homes!

I personally have printed for 1500+ hours since I got my Snapmaker in March. Yes, it’s been on for that long.

I have not once had my extruder jam/clog! In 1500 hours that is crazy!

You guys have put a lot of work into making this printer and I am so happy that I backed it on Kickstarter. Your work is really shining with this printer!

The Snapmaker was also my first ever 3D printer. I’d never even operated one prior to receiving the Snapmaker, so I am a total newb, but the Snapmaker wasn’t difficult to learn and it taught me really quickly. Granted, I’d watched just about all of The 3D Printing Nerd’s, Makers Muse’s and Make Anything’s videos on 3D printing, so that may have helped.

Anyways, I just wanted to say Thank you, as you have made a truely wonderful machine and despite a few hiccups here and there, overall I’d say the entire community is very pleased with your work :slight_smile:

Thank you (again),

PS. I find it quite entertaining how my spell-check wants to change Snapmaker to Soapmaker haha.


That’s OK. Autocorrect tries to change “mill” to “milk” for me when talking about CNC carving.

I’ll second your sentiment. I’ve had more fun and gotten a lot more done with this printer than with my previous one by a large margin. This thing is a workhorse. I’m champing at the bit to do some PCB milling. I just got my end mills yesterday.

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