Noise reduction- fan change wow!

Today I changed the PSU fan from the ball bearing one in the unit, that sound like an aeroplane engine, to one I ordered from Amazon with hydraulic bearing.

I ordered the 3510 /24vt made by Winsinn.

Came in a box of 5, so if it dies I have spares.

To change, pop out the 5 hex screws holding the back plate

Pull out the connector for the fan.

Take the new fan and swap the pins red/black using a pin to release the connector from the white plastic holder and then reinsert the other way round.

Undo the 4 hex screws and bolts holding the fan on the back plate and replace the fan (same orientation).

Plug it back in to the board.

Replace the back plate.

OMG I can hear myself think.

20 mins start to finish.

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