Experience assembling the enclosure of snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer


I’m going to give you a run for your money with my enclosure @noah. Don’t you think?


@jstncrft (@Noah)

hahahahaha well done.

I was thinking of making something a little more ornate



Hi guys,
this is my enclosure, I put the electronic part out of the box.


Wow @moblak, that’s great!


I just posted my enclosure “build” here - Simple and Inexpensive DIY Enclosure

But here’s my super simple and inexpensive enclosure;


Brilliant !!!

You weren’t thinking outside the box… you thought of the box.



Sorry for late response (well, it’s almost one month later…)

It’s great, hahaha~
I think it’s a good way to use the carton, or it will be thrown away with waste. After using so much material for package, I would like to find a way for re-use of our package.


To reply way later than I ought to be, sorry… The interference of a balanced fan is zero. A good quality large computer fan with a magnetic or liquid bearing will be balanced and very quiet. The smaller the fan, the more it “buzzes” because of the turbulence it causes with chopping the air too fast. Larger fan blades are almost always more preferably than smaller fan blades unless you don’t have room for anything larger. Fume extraction is a little overboard in my house, but I could see that being very useful in someone else’s house. Also, I plan on using PETG primarily, which has very little noticeable offgassing compared to ABS and some stinkier plastics. Sorry for the late reply. I was coming back to the thread to try and figure out where my Snapmaker Enclosure was. I didn’t make my own, but I like a couple of the ideas I see here. I did buy the one from Snapmaker but it seems like I haven’t heard from them in a long time with an update on where the enclosures are. Seems like they should be showing up in the near future, but I dunno.


Noah, is there any update on when we can expect to see the Enclosures being delivered to the various countries that ordered them? I think there was an update that was emailed out a month ago, but I’ll have to go dig through my email to see that. I haven’t seen any tracking info or any new update since then.

Edit: I found the schedule here:

I was wondering how that is going and if / when we might expect to see tracking info. If the schedule slipped, it would be nice to get an updated one at some point since that was over a month ago.


I still need to assemble my Snapmaker-branded enclosure. I received it the day after the printer, but the printer has been busy almost continuously.


Hi Quarky:

@Rainie just posted a KS update yesterday: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snapmaker/snapmaker-the-all-metal-3d-printer/posts/2179152, there is one chart to show the schedule of Enclosure. However, if your Backer number is between 1~2900, the schedule is still not sure.

There are some quality issues on corner brackets. We are now trying to solve them.


What is my backer number if I didn’t purchase through Kickstarter? I bought directly? This has been a point of confusion since I ordered the Snapmaker and has made it really hard to understand what to expect.


IYou don’t have a backer number as you didn’t “back" it on Kickstarter. You most likely have a “preorder” number. The preorders are being interspersed in with the backers so where you sit in the absolute queue may only be known by the SnapMaker Logistics folks.

I would suggest emailing support@snapmaker.com and asking them.


I’ve tried. Your answer was nice and clear. There’s wasn’t. Thank you for taking the time to try and help. Wish they would just assign a mock backer number since that seems to be how they’re dolling them out.


Sorry for this inconvenience :smile: . As a startup, there are so many things need to build and improve, we will try best to provide a good service. Thanks for support~



As a startup you are doing very well.

Have a great week and keep having fun.



Manufacture of aluminum alloy profiles, EV sponges, and PC plates



Fantastic… there are so many talented people in this forum helping us newbies with ideas and suggestions.



Here’s another idea I came across on Thingiverse. Originally for the Prusa i3, but I’m pretty sure some talented folks on this forum can make it work for the Snapmaker too : https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2864118


Does anyone have a link to the assembly guide? I misplaced my paper copy.