Experience assembling the enclosure of snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printer


Hi guys

The enclosure is under development and today we got the prototype. It take me nearly half an hour to assemble. There still some issues and problems, but looks nice, here are some pics:

My Snapmaker arrived


A quality piece of of functional art, it looks great, well done.

I look forward to the final product… given that I ordered one



I can’t wait to order one.



Agreed! Looks great and can’t wait to order!

One small suggestion:
Perhaps an area where you can attach a fan/filter for the laser/CBC function as wouldn’t possible smoke be an issue? Just a thought.


I agree, the ability to attach some ventilation tubing to perform as a flue, which could be channeled out a window.

A simple round cover on the cabinet side that a fan connected hose could be attached to, would do. Something about the size of a 60mm diameter desk cable tidy plug e.g. SY355



Whoa, the fit and finish looks great. Looks like even the filament spool fits within the enclosure.


Yeah, the smoke is an issue, so the engineer decide to carve a shape of our logo on the top side. The logo is not to show something but to let the smoke float away. We ever consider to add a fan, but the power is a problem, the same problem happened when we want to add a light in the enclosure.

We need to make it quickly, so there is a large probability that we would keep it simple and not to add fan or light, but maybe in later version we will add it


The filament spool is outside the enclosure, otherwise the back side carve a super large hole. :laughing: It looks not bad, I will upload a pic of filament later


There is a hole for power cable, I’m not sure if it’s 60mm wide enough. It’s a good suggestion, I will deliver it to our engineers~ hooray~ :laughing:


50mm would be OK; just enough to evacuate fumes. I am sure many users could easily install a small 50mm fan over the hole and attach a tube to vent the exhaust out a window. Or you could include the fan in the casing and let the user obtain the tubing



Hi @Noah

I note your point above about the power limitations. As a starter on the new case, only include a 50mm vent hole with cover cap near the top of the case. Users can then design/attach their own ventilation system if needed. We can’t expect you to do everything on the inaugural model.

If I receive the new case without vent, no problem, I will look to cutting a vent hole and attach an exhaust fan/hose. This is the fun of having a forum, everyone can contribute hints and tips to improve what we have.

Take care and have a great week.



Is there not power coming off the main hub through Ethernet connection? Could you just run the light and fan off of that?


I agree with @doug. Giving us choices to add a fan or vent hole or lights will be better, especially for this kind of maker community. This way everyone can costumise to their ideal work environment.

For example, no lights? No problem. I’ll figure out a way to put Ikea Ledberg lights in and run the power through the power cable hole.


I am thinking of placing a strip of LED’s on the inside of the top of the case to flood light down on the project. This gets over the problem of having a light on a stalk and moving it to aim at the project. There are many USB powered devices out there such as:

and a fan that could be used as an extractor. We could make a cowl to fit over it and attach a length of hose to vent fumes out a nearby window


(see fans at https://www.coolerguys.com/collections/usb-fans )

USB devices could be powered by a simple powered USB Hub sitting outside the case.

I am sure forum members will have many ideas



The USB ideal is great, I will suggest our engineers this point, also the ideal of carving a hole of 50x50mm on top or back side~


We can, but to make sure it’s safe, we will need more test, which will result in delay. We need a more simple and direct way to solve this, USB is a good choice. :smile:


Hi Doug:

Our engineers said that it’s OK to add a fan port and he will make sure the power hole is large enough to let usb cable go through. Besides, the 50mm fan may be not effective enough and he suggest a 80mm fan. We will consider it and optimize it before production

Thanks for your suggestion~



You have such a great inaugural platform, it will be great to see the developments and enhancements that you make in the years ahead. Have a look at https://home.cricut.com/ and their cutting ability, it may give you some ideas for enhancing the CNC.




I hear what you are saying about the 80mm fan however you do not have a large volume of exhaust to remove from such a small case. I agree some testing will be required. I have seen 60mm fans also



Yeah, I just see the 80mm fan, something I think it’s too big, not that elegant. We will have a test and update final decisions here.

The Cricut is super, gives me a lot ideals about what can be made, I will sent it to Leonardo and Rainie~